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You Can Homeschool for FREE!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

There is the assumption that homeschooling is expensive. While homeschooling can cost money, there are SO many cheap and even FREE resources for preschool through high school. I wanted to list all of the resources* here in a simple to read list (in alphabetical order) so you can easily research them for yourself. Some are secular (which is the way that I homeschool my family) but a few may be non-secular. I will be back to periodically update this so it will be a running list. I feel like I am constantly finding new one!

There are SO MANY FREE RESOURCES to server your homschool needs!

All-in-One Homeschool

Geared towards: K-12 I find this to be a pretty secular curriculum meant for K-12. It covers all subjects including math, science, ELA, art, Spanish, music, and so much more. Aside from the Bible section, I found the subjects to be secular in nature. If you are secular, simply skip that section, if you aren't then you can use all of it! This was the first free curriculum our first year of homeschool we ever used. You can search by subject or grade.


Geared towards: K-12

This program " is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world". While this has religious slants to it, I have heard secular homeschoolers use this for certain things as well. If you are a religious homeschooler then this is a fantastic resource for you!

Art For Kids Hub

Geared towards: K-12

This is an art how-to website that is geared towards kids and has a ton of great art/drawing projects for kids to try out. Their YouTube is full of free videos although, they did recently come out with an app and streaming service that costs but, if you want to keep it totally free, check out their YouTube channel!

Big History Project

Geared towards: 6-12

This is a history specific resource that is completely online and free. It is a video based format you can set up classrooms for your student(s), which is also great if you are teaching a co-op. From their website: " BHP delivers a big picture look at the world, and helps students develop a framework to organize what they’re learning both in and out of school. "

BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr.

Geared towards K-12

This website is a free resource for specific things you would like to learn about such as plate tectonics, mars, DNA, Martin Luther King Jr., pronouns, and Pi, to name a few. They have a K-3 in the BrainPOP Jr. section as well as a few things for even adults! They have videos, activities, challenges, and other related reading for extension work. This would make an excellent supplement to any curriculum you choose.


Geared towards: K-12

This is a free curriculum for students K-12. You, as a parent, can set up classrooms for your child and assign work that they need to complete online. It is a convenient way to set up lesson plans for the month or even the year, and then you never have to touch it again. It has subjects for elementary school such as earth and life science and math through 5th grade. It also has middle and high school courses that include biology, chemistry, astronomy, algebra through calculus, and even writing and spelling courses. It is pretty comprehensive and expansive on what you can learn on this website primarily through online video format.

Crash Course

Geared towards: 6-12

This is a free resource of videos on YouTube that covers subjects such as time management, science, math, and so on. It is bite sized nuggets of information that helps to give students a great rundown of the information of that subject or question it is answering (such as "What is Electrical Engineering"). This would be great for subject exploration and gaining a lot of info in a short period of time. They do have a donation link by their introduction video to help keep them going but, other wise they are free!


Geared towards: K-12 (and beyond)

It is not only a fun app game but you can use your computer as well. It is a totally free way to learn a foreign language. I have used it to brush back up on my French and my daughter enjoyed it to learn Spanish. It is a get-to-the-point type of program and you can almost immediately use the skills you have learned! Great for all ages.

K-12 Online

Geared towards: K-12

This is a public school at home type of curriculum that is ran by public funding dollars through a school district in your state. Most states offer this option for students and it is completely free for students to do. It even includes the books, resources, as well as a teacher for your student.

Khan Academy

Geared towards: K-12

This is a free curriculum that can be used for grade K-12 for math. It also has a plethora of subjects you can learn for free such as chemistry, biology, health, physics, world history, grammar, and even college test preps for SAT, LSAT, and so on. This is just a sampling of the subjects that are offered for students at no cost. My student is currently using the Algebra I and initially we used it as a supplemental material but it covers everything our other curriculum did but with much better videos and practice problems. Fantastic resource!


Geared towards: K-12

Your library is a huge free resource. Libraries are not only full of free books and information but they are full of free events (you can learn the basics of business, website building, aromatherapy, etc). Most libraries also have online resources and you can even check out free language programs like Muzzy and Mango. Libraries are great places to get copies of things (usually you get a certain amount each month for free), and great for free meeting space for homeschool co-op or club events!

Maestro Classics

Geared towards: K-12

This is a homeschool music curriculum that is completely free to use. They include lesson plans as well as guides. They have it set up where you can teach music to use across all subject matters.

Open Stax

Geared towards: 7-12

This is a free resources that is sponsored by Rice University. They are 100% free peer-reviewed and openly licensed textbooks for students to read. You can download them as a PDF, order them, download on iBooks and Kindle, as well as simply read online. Their mission is to have amazing and thorough content available to all no matter what and help bring down road blocks to a great education. They have math, science, social studies, technology, humanities and so on. Best for grades middle through high school.

Prodigy Math

Geared towards: 1-8

This is a fun math supplementation for grades 1-8 and is Common Core aligned. While I do not try to follow CC (we totally do our own thing), some people do seek that out. A lot of public schools have started using this for supplementation. It is done game style with different worlds of wizards, fairies, dragons, castles, and other fun characters. My daughter can play with her friends on there and it is completely free with an added paid version for different virtual prizes and such. It is totally optional and I believe $59 for the year...but you would want to double check on that! Again, it's completely optional and we didn't try the paid option until my daughter had played the game for about 6 months and only because we had some room in the budget. I really like it because it is a fun way to supplement your math for extra practice and it adjusts your levels based on how you are doing. When it gets too challenging, it scales it back some and gives you additional practice. If you keep getting the correct they will give you harder ones and keep you challenged! Parents also get emailed weekly reports and monthly report cards.

Splash Math

Geared towards: K-5

This is a program that I came across online and is a complete program for grades K-5. This is another Common Core aligned program that can be used as a supplement, but they do intend it as a full curriculum. Like the one above, it is set up game/award style and parents get emailed weekly reports of your child's progress. It is laptop, tablet, and mobile friendly and it even has an offline playing option. It reminds me of Khan Academy with the format but with much more lively pictures and background that is more like Math Seeds (from Reading Eggs). You can set the grade level and even the goal (how much time for how many days) you would like to see your child do.

Typing Club

Geared towards: any age that wants to learn to type

I first learned about this through my kids' school district to do at home for practice. Come to find out, it is free for everyone to use! It has several lessons to get you through and as soon as your little one is ready to start, they can. It is even for adults that want to learn or brush up on their skills.

**At the time of first writing this blog (5/26/19) none of these links are affiliate or sponsored links.

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